Gulf Consortium Investment Company seeks to provide an effective communication mechanism with all existing and potential investors so that they can obtain company›s basic data and activities in a timely manner to help them follow up the company›s activities and evaluate its performance based on accurate and up-to-date information and data.


    To this end, the company has established a private (Investors Affairs Division) that acts as an information center to provide effective communication with existing and potential investors to provide information and data on their investments, enabling to provide a clear vision that will encourage investors to make the right decisions. It is also the responsibility of the «Investor Affairs Division» to properly implement the Company’s disclosure and transparency policy.


    Moreover, and due to the important role of the (Investor Affairs Division) in providing investors with timely and accurate information, data and reports, the Company has taken into account that this Division is appropriately independent to enable it to exercise its role effectively.

    The function of this division is governed by the policies accredited by the company, specifically the disclosure and transparency policy which organize disclosure processes and that which governing the protection and confidentiality of information of the company, in a manner not inconsistent with the laws and regulations issued by the regulatory authorities.

    The information provided by the (Investor Affairs Division) depends on the needs and the purpose of the information requested by investors or stakeholders. This information includes:

    General summary of the company, which includes the company’s vision, mission, investments, quality of its transactions, strategy and growth plan, and a detailed explanation of the company’s business, and may include the relatively excellence of the company from its competitors, achievements and its role towards social responsibility.
    Summary of the company’s corporate governance policies in terms of the functional structure of the Board of Directors, communication channels with executive management.
    Financial summary, which includes a presentation of the balance sheet as compared to previous years, income statements and cash flow, all data on growth rates, indebtedness and profits, as well as dividends.
    Summary of the operational activities of the Company and its subsidiaries if any.
    Declarations of approved disclosures issued by the company.

    Information and services provided by the (Investor Relations division) can be expanded based on the structure and size of the company’s services as a whole, and may include providing investors with studies and analyzes of the nature of the company’s business. In addition, it is important that the (Investor Affairs Division) includes the functions of responding to investor inquiries, as well as reacting to complaints and unsolicited practices communications that may be received, all in accordance with adopted policies.