Gulf Consortium Investment Company’s understating of Responsibility
    Being responsible means addressing the issues and expectations of our society, while earning the profits needed to ensure our company’s future, and impacting our economy and society positively. That’s why we need to understand the aspirations and expectations of citizens and expatriates, our customers and our employees, as well as those of public authorities, regulatory bodies and investors regarding an Investment Company like Gulf Consortium Investment Company k.s.c.c.(“Gulf Consortium Investment Company”), a growing company in a dynamic and growing industry in the state of Kuwait. of Kuwait.


    Gulf Consortium Investment Company’s Approach to CSR
    Our Approach to CSR, which focuses on the interests of major stakeholders, may not be common in American banks. Most of them, including the large national banks are orientated on community interests, such as charity and philanthropy as the major instruments for implementation of such a policy.
    While there are numerous multiple mechanisms for participation of financial institutions in social support of society, and whereas we may not implement social projects throughout the country due to limitations in our resources, Gulf Consortium Investment Company aims to maintain a vital involvement in what the investment industry in Kuwait has to contribute to a sustainable society and to meet the immense challenges ahead.


    Each and every Investment company bears a responsibility vis-à-vis the major challenges of sustainable development of the Kuwaiti economy. Our business places us at the center of the financial system. Therefore, we at Gulf Consortium Investment Company are committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, based on 3 pillars comprising 10 commitments, which promotes a long-term approach to CSR strategy:


    1.  Gulf Consortium Investment Company’s economic responsibility by financing and investing in the economy ethically:

    1. Long-term financing and impact investing in the economy
    2. Business Ethics and a renowned code of conduct
    3. Responsible investment product
    4. Responsibility towards stakeholders


    2. Gulf Consortium Investment Company’s Social responsibility by maintaining a fair human resource policy:

    1. Recruitment, and training young Kuwaiti talent via an ongoing internship program, established with local universities
    2. Cultural, Ethnic and religious diversity
    3. Responsible Management


    3. Gulf Consortium Investment Company’s civic responsibilities, by promoting inclusion and education:

    1. Funding Kuwaiti social entrepreneurs in what positively impacts the economy.
    2. Promoting inclusion and human rights
    3. Supporting Solidarity and environmental initiatives on a national level