We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors, the companies we invest in, the companies we advise and the broader global economy. We do this through the commitment of our extraordinary team.


    Our Corporate Governance ensures that Gulf Consortium Investment Company is directed, administered, and controlled according to the highest standards. Accountability systems within the organization are the defense mechanism to prevent and eliminate problems. Our stakeholders including shareholders, management, and board of directors, clients, local community, creditors, and regulators are all involved in achieving Gulf Consortium Investment Company goals.


    Through its commitment to values and ethical business conduct, Gulf Consortium Investment Company ensures meeting its stakeholders’ long-term strategic goals.
    Inquiries from shareholders, as well as investors and members of the financial community at large, are most welcome.



    Contact Information

    Client Services
    P.O. Box 50 ,Dasman 15451 Kuwait
    Tel/Fax : +965 6968-7184 Ext: 873
    E-Mail : clientservices@gulfconsortiuminvestment.com